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Samuel Costantini and DalFurlo


Samuel Costantini was born in 1979 in Fano (PU), where he now lives and works.
He's been immersed in the Marche countryside since he was a child and has spent an immense amount of time exploring the territory. This has meant closely observing the details of nature there and deeply absorbing its elements the flowers, leaves, trees, soil, rocks and streams. For him, they've become another microcosm to discover, another story to be heard.

After graduating, he learned
metalworking through the family business which was dedicated to making fine custom-made furniture for the luxury sector. Here, in the workshop, he has had the chance to learn directly from expert traditional craftsmen as well as to use the sophisticated machinery that supports the work done by hand. He has also dedicated time to research and innovation. This has been driven by his professional interaction with designers and architects and an openness to the possibility of experimentation.
Over the years, he has cultivated his interests via a deepening appreciation of others working in cross-cutting fields, such as Carlo Scarpa and Oliviero Toscani. The study of Frank Lloyd Wright's work has been particularly fundamental in developing a coherent language.

In shaping the ideas and designs of others for two decades, he absorbed their principles and innovative approaches almost as a private student would. But, at some point, Samuel Costantini felt the need to free his own creativity and express his own thoughts.
Dal Furlo started in 2019. Its signature metal creations pay homage to the Gola del Furlo Nature Reserve, a green natural basin in the heart of the Marche region, which was designed by time and sculpted by the force of water.

It's about a sort of organic design, inspired by the harmonious forms of nature, that have always been part of the artist's visual imagery and inner world. Dal Furlo offers limited editions and unique works in copper, bronze and brass. These materials, often selected from scraps, are worked entirely by hand and especially using a flame.
By melting, the different materials are transformed into a ductile and receptive substance. The very soul of the fire used is imprinted on the materials together with the
sculptor's vision and entire experience. The challenge is to be guided by the flame and at the same time to channel it, giving new life to the raw material.
Thus, by combining
traditional techniques with new methods, intricate workmanship emerges that pays attention to the smallest detail.


From sculpture to furnishing accessories that are works of art, every metal surface comes alive with textures and details that show all the power of the natural world. They capture all the formal elegance we find in bark reliefs, in the interweaving of spider webs or in the designs of water surfaces and river currents.
Samuel Costantini seeks to capture in timeless metal the same sense of union he feels when truly in contact with the universe. Thus, he fuses some of himself and his own land into each work.

There is no production line: The Dal Furlo art workshop is founded on craftsmanship and exclusively produces hand-made and custom items. This guarantees the uniqueness of each numbered and signed piece.

TERRITORY : Gola del Furlo

A silent passage between dream and reality. Crossed by the river Candigliano creeping among the imposing rocky walls, Gola del Furlo is a unique place, where the suggestion of the landscape joins with a great naturalistic richness.  For me, this is the main place of inspiration.

In this place, many of my creations came to life - including the name . I often find myself in these places, enjoying a bike excursion or simply a stroll with the children. Every corner is full of beauty. Nature in all its forms is truly extraordinary. Even the smallest things conceal a story or an endeavour, such as a spider's web or a piece of fallen bark.

The frenzy of everyday life often means that we don't appreciate these little things, and don't notice what is hidden within the things that surround us. For me, the Furlo Pass is a place where I can escape everyday life and open my eyes to what is truly important, whether it is a bud, a leaf, or a laughing child

gola del Furlo
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