Since I was a young boy I have tried to create the objects of my imagination.  I have always believed when you make an object you have created yourself it is possible to bequeath something to that object and that my thoughts can be passed on via my hands. After years of bringing to life the ideas of others, it is now time also to realise our own, giving hands and minds the freedom to experiment and create. 




A silent passage between dream and reality. Crossed by the river Candigliano creeping among the imposing rocky walls, Gola del Furlo is a unique place, where the suggestion of the landscape joins with a great naturalistic richness.  For me, this is the main place of inspiration. In this place, many of my creations came to life - including the name . I often find myself in these places, enjoying a bike excursion or simply a stroll with the children. Every corner is full of beauty. Nature in all its forms is truly extraordinary. Even the smallest things conceal a story or an endeavour, such as a spider's web or a piece of fallen bark. The frenzy of everyday life often means that we don't appreciate these little things, and don't notice what is hidden within the things that surround us. For me, the Furlo Pass is a place where I can escape everyday life and open my eyes to what is truly important, whether it is a bud, a leaf, or a laughing child

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