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brass handmade bowl

Artist Statement

I express myself through my hands, like a craftsman.

I imagine new perspectives, as an artist.


Nature is an integral part of my person and a profound inspiration for my creations. When I immerse myself in it, it is as if I came into contact with my most authentic side, rediscovering emotions and sensations that would otherwise remain hidden, suffocated by the frenzy of this millennium. When I am in the workshop, I convey these perceptions into the metal, trying to grasp the harmony that keeps the universe in balance.


Since ancient times, metal has always been worked by man to make tools and objects, developing technical improvements and artifacts fundamental for the evolution of civilizations.


Our hands are the first custodians of craft traditions, trade secrets and almost liturgical methodologies, handed down and renewed through the centuries.

Today as then, the raw material is transformed in my hands to give life to an idea.

Metal is closely connected with natural elements. It originates in the earth, is forged in fire, is tempered in water. It lives in the air and is caressed by the light. Its surfaces tell infinite correspondences with wood and other plant components.


I work brass, bronze and copper mainly with flame, trying to guide the live fire in a precise direction. Sometimes, however, it is he who guides me, changing my vision with his indomitable intervention and giving new mystery to creation.


My works are often born from recycled materials, already sculpted by time, which have their own experience. Giving a function to what I create also means restoring value to waste through a purpose.

Art is the discovery and development of the harmonic principles of nature in marvelous forms.

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