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brass sculpted vase


A vase that finds creation through the observation of simple details. In a landscape such as the woods in autumn, the small things do not necessarily jump out immediately to the eye and we often take them for granted. Trees shaped by the wind and engraved from the life of nature, or the ivy that envelops the trunks. These are details that fortify the places that surround us and add to them. Brass, fire and hand have conspired to create this vase which represents a union of all these details. A glimpse of an image of peace and serenity.     Entirely handmade.

Only 8 left in stock

    Edition 15 + 2 AP

     Diameter 80mm H 400 mm.

    Diam. 3.1491inches H 15.748 inches

For special request, finish or sale price items send me a request. 

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